NIGHTLINE 05.09.2011 Mo/Mon


Stadtwerkstatt, Saal

20:00 Open Reel Ensemble

Cafe Strom

21:30 GelbGut

Stadtwerkstatt, Saal

23:00 mirage00 – Kouji Ohno (JP), Tesuya Yamamoto (JP), Nobu Miake (JP), Toshikazu Toyama (JP)
24:00 Cherry Sunkist (AT)
01:00 Regolith

GelbGut (AT)

The loveable, offbeat Viennese electronic performer aren’t out to make the dolls dance; they want you to get your calves and thighs in gear! The energy supply necessary for their set is provided by pedaling audience members atop bicycle generators.

Tesla Orchestra (USA)

The American ensemble takes the stage with a high-energy show in which the million-volt high tension of two Tesla coils is transferred into audio frequencies.

Open Reel Ensemble (JP)

For this performance well worth seeing and hearing, Japan’s Open Reel Ensemble has converted an analog recording device into a sound-producing instrument, and plays on (or with) magnetic tape machines salvaged from technological retirement.
Open Reel Ensemble @ Facebook
official website

mirage00 – Tesuya Yamamoto (JP), Nobu Miake (JP), Toshikazu Toyama (JP)

Die Erfinder des mirage00 präsentieren in einem Showcase ihr intuitiv zu spielendes Musikinstrument, das seine Sounds auch gleich in einem 360°-Panoptikum. visualisieren kann.

Cherry Sunkist (AT)

“I’m not here to entertain you” is how one of her pieces goes, and Cherry Sunkist aka Karin Fisslthaler certainly lives up to this cheeky statement. Her performance is characterized by raw tones and samples, interference and cool synthesizer sounds, set in the experimental no-man’s land at the intersection of new wave melancholy, songwriting and electric storm, borne by a multifaceted voice between charm and understatement.

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