In scientific experiments, the slime mold species Physarum Polycephalum has demonstrated an ability to find the shortest way out of a maze. Furthermore, this organism with a rather unflattering name has been used to confirm or refute the efficiency of transportation networks. In light of this, media artist Theresa Schubert (AT) has been cultivating Physarum Polycephalum organisms in the BioLab at the Ars Electronica Center. Time-lapse images are being made into videos that illustrate its behavior. These videos, in turn, will show how network structures come about and how systems can be organized intelligently.

Christian Gabriel (Blutzentrale / AT), Theresa Schubert (AT), Stefan Schwarzmaier (Ars Electronica Center BioLab / AT)
01.09.2011 Do/Thu 13:00-14:00, AEC, Seminar Room

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