If you head north from Hauptplatz, you come to the Nibelungen Bridge that spans the Danube and links downtown Linz with the Urfahr neighborhood on the northern bank—and thus actually connects Linz with Linz (but that’s a matter of dispute among locals and there’s no need to go into it here). Since 2009—the year of Linz’s reign as European Capital of Culture—the northern bridgehead has been dominated by the new Ars Electronica Center, a highlight of the cityscape, a truly modern museum, a real architectural eye-catcher.

You can spend hours in this place—wracking your brain about technological issues and their consequences in our lives, browsing and rummaging through the exhibits, doing some hands-on exploration, taking things apart and reassembling them in some fascinating new way.

When you eventually kick back in the Skylounge, you can let you gaze sweep across the downtown skyline—the Tabakfabrik (a former tobacco processing plant), the Brucknerhaus, the gateway to Hauptplatz, the New Cathedral and Schlossberg castle.

Ars Electronica Center

Ars Electronica Center

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