Voice Box (that thing in your throat)

Damian Rebgetz (AU)
Fr/Fri 31. 8. 19:00
Sa/Sat 1. 9. 19:00
So/Su 2. 9. 16:00
Tabakfabrik Linz, Ostblock, Entrance Untere Donaulände 74

To gather material for his one-man-show “Voice Box,” Damian Rebgetz (AU), an undergrad in the UdK’s Sound Studies program, went on an acoustic excursion in the world of comics. This is the turf of heroes and heroines with the power to deploy superhuman vibes—so-called sonic screams—that enable them to fly at will, blow stuff up, rescue somebody or mutilate them. In a highly personal way, Rebgetz contrasts the comic heroes to his own biography and his own efforts to become a sonic superhero.

Thomas Koch (Sound / DE), Jessica Páez (Dramaturgie / FR/ES), Alexander Sieber (Sound / DE)