DJ Franjazzco (AT) / DJ Kraft (AT) / The Future Sound feat. Herrmutt Lobby (BE) / Mike Gao (DE/JP) / DJ Abby Lee Tee (AT)

Sa/Sat 1. 9.

Café Strom
23:00 – 4:00 DJ Kraft (AT)

Stadtwerkstatt, Saal (bei Schönwetter: Ars Eletronica Center, Maindeck)
23:00 The Future Sound feat.
Herrmutt Lobby (BE)
Mike Gao (DE/JP)
DJ Franjazzco (AT)
DJ Abby Lee Tee (AT)

Franjazzco (AT)
Franjazzco as been making the scene since 1995—for instance, as a DJ and promoter, director of the online music station Play FM, and editor of the drum-&-bass magazine Resident. His record collection ranges from House to Garage all the way to Latin. Stylistic unpredictability can be expected.

Herrmutt Lobby (BE)
The Belgian post-Hip-Hop band Herrmutt Lobby’s instruments consist of home-brew software and various midi-controllers. Their own iPad application is the latest manifestation of their technical as well as musical know-how when it comes to modern Beat music.

Mike Gao (DE/JP)
Stanford University grad Mike Gao is what you might call a participant-observer in the conduct of his research into musical technology. His career began in the underground as a Hip-Hop producer in Chicago, where he performed in big-time Beat Nights and won more than his share of Beat Battles.

Abby Lee Tee (AT)
DJ Abby Lee Tee (AT) is best described by listing her attributes: proper selection, perfect mix, and always navigating an exhilarating course through diversified stylistic terrain.