Vladislav Delay (FI) / PRSZR – Pure & Hati (AT/PL) / Dj Marc

So/Sun 2. 9.
Stadtwerkstatt, Saal (bei Schönwetter: Ars Eletronica Center, Maindeck)
23:00 Vladislav Delay (FI)
PRSZR – Pure & Hati (AT/PL)

Café Strom
22:00 – 4:00 Dj Marc

Stadtwerkstatt, Saal /bei Schönwetter: Ars Electronica Center, Maindeck: 21:00
23:00 Vladislav Delay (FI)
PRSZR – Pure & Hati (AT/PL)

Vladislav Delay (FI)
Finland native Sasu Ripatti is a drummer and electronic musician. He grew up with classical music and jazz, whereby his early training as a percussionist is still evident in his keenness for rhythmic structures. Since the mid-‘90s, he’s performed as a solo act under the pseudonym Vladislav Delay and in collaboration with other musicians such as Massive Attack.

PRSZR aka Pure & Hati (AT/PL)
PRSZR (pronounced “pressure”) consists of Hati, the legendary Polish percussion duo, and Pure, a 20-year veteran of the Austrian electronic music scene. Together they blend the severity of dark, digitally generated sound landscapes with polyrhythmic percussive play zigzagging between manic and laid back.