Tiefdruckgebiet. A Heavylistening Experience

So/Sun 2. 9. 19:30
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, Freifläche


Heavylistening duo Carl Schilde and Anselm Venezian Nehls (DE) use high-output subwoofers to morph cars into mobile musical instruments. They’ll be played by motorheads from the Upper Austrian auto powersound scene, who’ll be piloting their pimped-out rides to Ars Electronica. They emit ultra-deep sine waves at the very edge of the human hearing range. The sound produced by a single car is nothing special. But as soon as several of these soundmobiles gather for a traffic jam, the result is a “Tiefdruckgebiet” (low pressure area) you can really feel. The ultra-bass vibrations from the respective cars modify or amplify one another, or cancel each other out. Complex rhythms emerge in the space between the cars and the adjacent building façades. For onlookers, speaking suddenly becomes difficult, and the air seems to liquefy.

Tiefdruckgebiet Subbass-Test