The Memory of Le Sacre du Printemps

Dennis Russell Davies (US/AT), Maki Namekawa (JP/AT)

With its uninhibited and unmistakable suggestions of the destruction of the Old World, the Paris premiere of Igor Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du printemps was a scandal of epic proportions. To mark the 100th anniversary of this milestone in music history, Dennis Russell Davies and Maki Namekawa will play the version for four hands on the piano in Deep Space. It demands a masterful—nothing less than acrobatic— performance by the duo, and displays the rhythmic furor of the piece much more clearly than the orchestral version.

Racing Fingers

The drama of this physical performance is a consummate visual attrac- tion. This raw material captured by Actioncam is simultaneously the leitmotif for the real-time visualizations of the concert. It will be ac- companied by historical images from the Library of Congress and digital graphics produced directly from the Bösendorfer grand piano on stage.

Fri 6.9. and Mon 9.9. 16:30
Reserve your free ticket 1 hour before the beginning at the Ars Electronica Center Infodesk.
Ars Electronica Center, Deep Space

Supported by Bösendorfer

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