Do you have questions about the Festival Ars Electronica? Do you want to visit the festival? Are you artist? Or do you want to join the team of Ars Electronica? Or do you need information about past festivals?

Visitor Information

When is the festival?

The Ars Electronica Festival takes place once a year in early September in Linz, Austria. In 2014, the Festival took place from September 4-8. The date for 2015 has no’t yet been fixed.


In addition to festival passes, Ars Electronica also offers one-day passes, u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD passes, and tickets to individual events (symposia, forums, concerts). Under certain conditions, these tickets can be purchased at reduced prices. Ars Electronica ticket prices are published on ars.electronica.art/c/tickets/; it’s also possible to make ticket reservations online. There is not a limited number of festival passes.

When will the festival program be published?

The festival theme is usually announced in the spring. In June and July, the festival website is continuously updated with the most important programming information.

Special group programs?

Ars Electronica’s WE GUIDE YOU is pleased to offer customized activity programs and guided tours for large groups. Please contact us directly to discuss the details!

Invitation Letter

If you need a letter of invitation in order to obtain a visa or for confirmation purposes in your dealings with public institutions, please contact us directly via e-mail.

Professional Accreditations

Ars Electronica is able to offer reduced-price tickets to colleagues and associates representing allied institutions and festivals. If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, please fill out the order form that will be posted on the festival website beginning this summer.

Hotel Recommendations

If you’re looking for hotel accommodations during your stay in Linz, please visit Linz Tourismus’ website


Do you have any further questions? We’d love to hear from you—festival@aec.at.


When is the festival?

The Ars Electronica Festival takes place once a year in early September in Linz, Austria. In 2014, the Festival took place from September 4-8. The date for 2015 has no’t yet been fixed.

Open Call?

The festival has no open call. All substantive programming decisions are reached by the artistic directorial staff in accordance with the theme of the particular year’s festival.

Nevertheless, how can I propose my project?

There are two ways to propose projects to be presented at Ars Electronica:

Submitting your project for Prix Ars Electronica prize consideration. Entries to the competition for the world’s most renowned prize in media art make up the most important project pool for exhibitions, performances and events at the Ars Electronica Festival. Submission information is available online at ars.electronica.art/prix! By the way: Even projects that emerge empty-handed from the Prix Ars Electronica judging are sometimes showcased at the festival.

Sending in your project information. If you’re not interested in entering your project in a Prix Ars Electronica category or your project isn’t really suitable for submission, you can send an e-mail describing your work to the address given below.

(!) We strongly recommend submitting your project to the Prix Ars Electronica.


Are you an artist who’d like to get in touch with us? Tina Reinthaler (tina.reinthaler@aec.at or +43/732/7272/783) would be pleased to answer your questions.

Service for Applicants

Are you interested in joining the festival crew?

In order to produce the many ambitious projects that are staged every September in Linz at the Ars Electronica Festival, we augment our staff every summer. We’re looking for project managers, project assistants, technicians and guides. By the way—we’re also always looking for technicians with skills in the following areas who are available from mid-August to mid-September: media technicians, audio/video/lighting technicians, carpenters, machinists, electrical technicians.

How do you apply?

Please check out Ars Electronica Linz GmbH’s help-wanted listings at ars.electronica.art/jobs. If there’s no current opening in your line of work, please submit an application that we can keep on file for future reference. The best way to do that is via e-mail to our personnel department (jobs@aec.at).

Application deadlines?

We’re happy to accept applications throughout the year. Depending on the line of work, the prime time for filing an application is between February and May. Application deadlines for particular job openings are specified at ars.electronica.art/jobs.


If you’re interested in getting a behind-the-scenes look at the festival and being an active part of what’s going on, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re looking for staff members to help provide assistance, guidance and information to visitors during the festival. Please submit your application directly to veronika.liebl@aec.at.


Are you interested in working at the Ars Electronica Festival? Would you like to get in touch with us and find out more? Veronika Liebl (veronika.liebl@aec.at or +43/732/7272/74) would be pleased to answer your questions.

Scholarly Queries and Publications

Do you need information for a scholarly work?

Ars Electronica has amassed one of the world’s largest archives about digital media art over the last 30 years. In addition to all Ars Electronica publications since 1979, it includes a comprehensive database with information about all submissions to the Prix Ars Electronica competition. To access the websites of prior festivals, click here.


You can browse our publications in our online archive. Our publications are distributed by Hatje Cantz, and are available on site at the Ars Electronica Center as well as online at Amazon.de.