Markus Dygruber (AT), Fabian Weng (AT)

Digital Education // Jugend Innovativ  Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH AWS (AT) & Jugend Innovativ (AT)

Systems currently on the market are purely electronic and thus lose the special natural sound of the accordion. Only a few systems keep it but are only designed for live performances and not for the recording of tablature. Sensing devices installed under the buttons detect pressed buttons on the treble side and on the bass side. The pulling direction is determined through an air pressure sensor in the bellows. Connected to an embedded system, all sensors are evaluated and the found data transmitted to the software, which analyses them and displays them as tablature. The software then offers extensive possibilities to edit the recorded song. Music teachers can then share their recordings analogue on paper or as a digital file with their students. For the latter, the software offers extensive functions that support learning the new song.

The team consists of Markus Dygruber and Fabian Weng. Markus Dygruber had the idea for the project. As passionate accordionist, Markus searched for a quick and easy way to write down accordion pieces in tablature. Such a possibility was created in the course of their Matura project.

This project is presented as a special prize in the Jugend Innovativ competition in the “Digital Education” category at the Ars Electronica Festival 2018.

credits: Markus Dygruber, Fabian Weng