Gabriela Pranjic (GB), Laura Mudra (AT)

Digital Education // Jugend Innovativ  Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH AWS (AT) & Jugend Innovativ (AT)

With the modern outer body made of wood, the duo focuses on high quality and durability with regard to the insulation and the materials used. In addition, the outdoor area should not only be technically revised but also visually appealing. The basic body encloses a sleeping place with spatially adapted furniture. This furniture should not only fulfil its function, but also make the best possible use of the small space. In all areas we are careful to use sustainable materials and to use them under consideration of a limited budget. We want to create a module that closes the supply gap between “park bench” and “apartment”. Our project aims to initiate social innovation and succeed in integrating the residents.

Laura Mudra and Gabriela Pranjic are graduates of HTL Salzburg in the field of interior and surface design. With their diploma project they were both immediately aware that they didn’t want to do something ordinary. They decided to develop sleep modules for the homeless, as homelessness affects more and more people and it can happen to anyone.

This project is presented at the Ars Electronica Festival 2018 as a special prize in the Jugend Innovativ competition in the “Digital Education” category.

credits: Gabriela Pranjic, Laura Mudra