Ramona Petrovitsch (AT), Marilena Schedlmayer (AT), Christina Schmolmüller (AT)

Digital Education // Jugend Innovativ  Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH AWS (AT) & Jugend Innovativ (AT)

Travelling with a talking tomcat through wormholes into bygone times and also learning to understand physics sounds crazy? What most would describe as impossible has been made possible through www.wurmlochreise.space! An insane adventure story combined with numerous illustrations and animations allows visitors of the website to immerse themselves in the world of physics – without fear of incomprehensible formulas and tests.

The project was developed by three graphic designers from Vienna who have just completed their training at the Graphische (secondary school). The online children’s book about physics wurmlochreise.space was originally only their diploma project but has now become their main occupation, which took over 1500 hours of work last year.

This project is presented at the Ars Electronica Festival 2018 as a special prize in the Jugend Innovativ competition in the “Digital Education” category.

credits: wurmlochreise.space