The Error City – We’re Building the City of the Future

Otelo (AT)

Cities don’t just sprout up. And rarely do they develop according to plan. That’s simply because we’re human beings with ideas and needs of our own. That makes cities lively and gives us opportunities to co-determine our habitat. Meanwhile, we’re now surrounded by new technologies like drones, self-driving vehicles, automatic surveillance systems and other digital developments that will shape our image of the village and the city in the future. Here and there, now and then, we’ll encounter errors because our needs change, things simply aren’t expedient, or we just need space.

Error City is a growing community. Visitors can develop it on an ongoing basis, electrify and digitize it. This is a place where drones deliver packages and autonomous garbage robots keep the streets clean. Error City isn’t just a conceptual model; it’s built of cartons and can be modified at will by the developers. The cityscape can be navigated by means of 360° cameras and robots; afterwards, urban denizens can experience these trips along with the feeling of being right in the middle of the action.


The Error City – wir erschaffen die Stadt der Zukunft / Otelo eGen (AT), Credit: