OK Night

The OK Night, much appreciated by music enthusiasts and night-owls, is the place to be on the Festival Saturday for everyone who wants to crank it up after the Electronic Theatre or the Klangwolke.

OK Nightline, Credit: vog.photo
Antonia XM (Ashida Park, Wien/AT), Credit: vog.photo
DJ Haram (Discwoman/Halcyon Veil, Philadelphia/US), Credit: vog.photo
8 PM, 10 PM Electronic Theatre
Sommerkino and Movie 1
With the award-winning animated films of the Prix Ars Electronica on big screen.
10 PM Concert
Ei Wada (JP), Nicos Orchest-Lab (JP)
starting 10 PM Club Night
OK Deck: DJ Haram (Discwoman/Halcyon Veil, Philadelphia/US), Vincent Neumann (Distillery/Krill Music, Leipzig/DE), Susiestarmodular (Zürich/CH), Antonia XM (Ashida Park, Wien/AT)
Solaris: Sultan x Fabipolar (Linz/AT)
Curator: Markus Reindl, Room concept & scenography: Clemens Bauder

The CyberArts exhibition is opened until 10 PM!