(no) great future

Youth Group of BFI OÖ – Berufsförderungsinstitut Oberösterreich (AT)

The future as a pointedly dystopian scenario—social media, fake news, performance pressure and bullying necessitate putting our thinking and behavior under a sort of glass dome in which we’re apparently no longer able recognize reality any more. This “bell jar” has been graphically depicted in oversize format by a youth group at BFI Oberösterreich (regional career advancement agency). They now invite visitors to the Ars Electronica Festival to graphically enhance this work with the really important things in life. Maybe festivalgoers can succeed in collaborating with the BFI youth group to avert looming threats! The question is: What is actually really important in life?

Following up on a 2017 pilot project, young people associated with BFI Oberösterreich have come up with their own project, which they’ll be implementing independently at this year’s CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival.

The youngsters prepared this project with lots of energy weeks before the festival in the POSTCITY.


credits: TEAM (no) great future