Leonie – der Avatar der HTL Leonding

Students of HTBLA Leonding (AT): Robin Mair (AT), Karsten Köhne (AT), Marcel Langoth (AT), Lukas Riedl (AT), Denys Sheludchenko (AT)

A fictional character – Leonie – provides visitors with information through natural spoken language, Leonie – the Avatar is a pilot project of students of the secondary school HTL Leonding.

An animated avatar, Leonie, projects a holographic figure into a glass pyramid in 3D. You can talk to Leonie and, above all, ask her questions. This is possible through an Alexa Echo serving as speech recognition and a JavaEE running in the background, which parses the converted speech inputs as text and provides the user with the corresponding answer.

This means, you can ask Leonie questions and get a real answer from her 3D hologram. Originally, Leonie was programmed to give information about classrooms, curricula and holidays of the HTL with the aim of making everyday life at school easier. For the Ars Electronica Festival, it Leonie was reprogrammed by students to provide visitors with information about the travel times of the Linz AG Linien.