Think Your Product

Students of the HTBLA Leonding: Elias Bürger (AT), Karsten Köhne (AT), Andreas Leeb (AT), David Matousch (AT), Stefan Stanzel (AT), Eric Stock (AT)

The initiative Think Your Product teaches students entrepreneurial thinking and creativity in coming up with product ideas and starting a new company as a first step of a potential career path. Students are offered several motivational and informational events over the course of the year. Think Your Product works closely with Upper Austria’s Startup Network and numerous IT companies of the public transport in Linz. The initiative’s highlight is the Make Your Product Week during which the teams with the best product ideas can spend a whole week focusing on developing a prototype and, at the end of the week, present the results to a jury of experts.


Stefan Stanzel (AT), Karsten Köhne (AT), Andreas Leeb (AT)

Streampy is an app, where the user can create playlists across different streaming platforms. It frees users from the tedious task of searching music over different streaming platforms, sorting out the high number of overlapping offers in order to get the music they are really looking for.


David Matousch (AT), Eric Stock (AT), Elias Bürger (AT)

Ludimus is a mobile gaming platform for card, board and arcade games that is revolutionizing how families play games with their kids. As a mobile solution, it enables players to take their entire game collection with them on vacation or to their friends’ house.

credits: Felix Neudecker
credits: Felix Neudecker