Smart Bees

Linz AG (AT)

Intelligent beehive scale at Pöstlingberg
As part of a pilot project, LINZ AG has been carrying out a test run at Pöstlingberg – where 17 beehives are located – since summer 2017. The newly developed beehive scale with LoRaWAN transmission technology is to contribute to securing the bee’s survival in the future.

Smart networking
The beehive scale sends the current weight of the beehive as well as the temperature and humidity to the servers of LINZ AG three times a day. In addition, local weather data is available. Beekeepers will then be able to access and evaluate this data via their own web platform. In the event of irregularities, they can receive alarm messages and react at short notice.

Enormous relief for beekeepers
The knowledge about the weight development and temperature allows the optimal feeding of the bees and gives information about the collected amount of honey. Until now, beekeepers had to weigh their hives regularly. The data also help to find the optimal location for the beehives.

Low energy and maintenance costs
The beehive scale is powered by a photovoltaic system. An energy management system ensures that the scale consumes energy only when needed. The system is equipped with two sensors: one collects and transmits data on temperature and humidity, the other on weight. One sensor requires no battery change for up to ten years. With LoRaWAN, LINZ-ENERGIESERVICE GmbH-LES and the business unit LINZ AG TELEKOM found the right radio standard. This combines high range with low energy consumption. Currently LINZ AG has installed a total of six LoRaWAN transmitters, an expansion is planned.

Unique total package
The complete package makes the LINZ AG beehive scale an innovation that facilitates the care and conservation of bee colonies for beekeepers. The first results of the pilot project were promising and once again demonstrate the innovative power of the LINZ AG subsidiary, LINZ-ENERGIESERVICE GmbH-LES.

LoRaWan (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a radio technology that scores with low costs, very good range and a very long battery life in the end devices. It enables numerous ´Internet of the Dinge´ and Smart-City applications. For example, it can be used to optimize energy consumption and increase energy efficiency as well as for customer frequency measurements and much more.

Linz-Energieservice GmbH: Bienenstock-Waage, Bernd Freisais (LES), Christian Stadler; Linz, 06.04.2018; Foto: Guenther Groeger ©grox, Kultur- & Pressefotograf;
Linz-Energieservice GmbH: Bienenstock-Waage; Linz, 06.04.2018; Foto: Guenther Groeger ©grox, Kultur- & Pressefotograf;