The 4D Box: Chronicle of Light Year

The Culture Yard (DK), Very Mainstream Studio & Very Theatre (TW)

The 4D Box is a multimedia digital live stage developed and curated by The Culture Yard and CEO and director Mikael Fock. It includes hologram technology, advanced sound and live performance in a single expression. In this interdisciplinary black box, The Culture Yard have created an entirely new artistic media platform that breaks the boundaries between physical performance and 3-D generated universes. At Ars Electronica, we look forward to presenting three productions:

2. Chronicle of Light Year

a performance by Very Mainstream Studio & Very Theatre & The Culture Yard


The Culture Yard 
Very Mainstream Studio & Very Theatre 

Supported by:
Danish Arts Council 
CLICK Festival 
The Culture Yard 
Very Mainstream Studio 
Nordic Beasts 
Ministry Of Culture Taiwan 
National Culture & Arts Foundation 
Nordic Culture Fund 
Dansk Komponist Forening 
Knud Højgaards Fond 
Helsingør Kommune