Smart CUP

Students of HTL Rennweg // Christoph Amon (AT), Christian Janßen (AT), Florian Kristof (AT), David Stadlmann (AT)

u19 winner: Award of Distinction

Smart CUP is a device reminding its users to consume a sufficient amount of liquids. The device is a universally implementable technical solution to determine the quantity of liquid in glasses, cups, mugs, or bottles.

Over a pre-set timeframe, Smart CUP manages to measure the amount a user drinks, and, more importantly, if there is a risk of dehydration, the device issues a warning. Smart CUP can be used in work- and everyday life-situations, but above all its use may play an important role in geriatric care.

The device consists of a technical unit and a non-slip outer shell that encloses the cup and connects it to the electronic components inside. The technical unit contains a load (weigh) cell, a position sensor, a Bluetooth module, a wireless charging module, warning LEDs, and a buzzer. Via Bluetooth, the gathered data is sent to an Android app – custom-designed for this project – and displayed there. The warning of dehydration is issued by LEDs, optionally by a buzzer, and via the app.

The silicon CUP can be produced for a wide variety of beverage containers, and is also flexibly adaptable to a certain extent. The material chosen for the CUP is dishwasher-safe; the technical unit may be rinsed by hand.

Smart CUP promotes the user’s health by supporting him or her in the effort of maintaining a moderate and reasonable fluid balance.

Christoph Amon, Christian Janßen, Florian Kristof und David Stadlmann have been enrolled in Rennweg Technical School’s Mechatronics program for the past five years (HTL Rennweg). During this time, various projects have been realised, through which eventually the present team formed.

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credits: SchülerInnen der HTL Rennweg // Christoph Amon (AT), Christian Janßen (AT), Florian Kristof (AT), David Stadlmann (AT)