out of tune

Samuel Daurer (AT), Ämilian Mayrhofer (AT)

u19 winner: netidee SPECIAL PRIZE 2018

out of tune is a web project that offers new possibilities to discover new music. The user can click through myriads of genres and music artists to explore the depths and heights of the musical spectrum in a new and innovative way.

For visualization the two students, Samuel Daurer and Ämilian Mayrhofer, have used the graph theory. A graph consists of two node types: “Artists” and “Genres”. An artist can play in multiple genres. Their correlation is displayed by means of lines between the artist and their particular genres, which create a simple and understandable overview.

Simultaneously, the graph functions as a user interface. When the user clicks on a node, additional nodes are displayed. This allows the user to interact with the collected data. If the selected node is an artist, a 30-second-sample of a song will start playing and additional information for that artist will be shown. Currently, the database contains over 180,000 different artists with 1,570 genres.

Plagued by the lack of useful tools for searching music, the two students developed a transparent web program for music as part of their diploma thesis. The idea was not only to suggest music, but also to make it understandable why this music is displayed or to let the user himself control what he/she gets suggested. Thus, this program has eclipsed simple recommendation algorithms that do not meet requirements for openness, simplicity and user-friendliness.

Ämilian Mayrhofer and Samuel Daurer attend the IT-HTL in Ybbs on the Danube. Through the passion for web development, the interest in Big Data and data analysis and music as an important part of life, the idea for the out of tune project emerged.

More information can be found here