Alex Lazarov (AT)

u19 winner: Honorary Mention

The coming-of-Age film NO FACE EMOJI deals with Teenagers’ Identities in a risky but impressive way. 

“One fine summer day, I decided to make a short film containing not just one story but four of them, and to do it with no budget and a small crew. I was able to get several talented actors excited about the project and get them on board. Together we developed a very intensive shooting schedule, so it took only four days of filming to bring the worlds of NO FACE EMOJI to life. The aim was to take various ideas and narrative strands and to combine them in such a way that viewers are challenged to figure out the interrelationships themselves. Once the post-processing was done, there was a small premiere at Vienna’s Schikanederkino, to which crew, friends, and family were invited. On August 25, 2017, NO FACE EMOJI was released on my YouTube channel “Alex Lazarov”. It was screened at the 2017 video&filmtage short film festival and received an award.”

Screenwriter, director, camera operator, and film editor: Alex Lazarov
Lighting technician and assistant cameraman:
Marin Lazarov
Cast:   Anton Widauer, Alina Schalla, Magdalena Kuess, Barbara Edinger, Akeem Julien, Manuel Sonnleitner, Caterina Pfeffer, Nikola Bogosavljevic

Alex Lazarov is a Vienna-based filmmaker, film critic, and YouTuber who has been a cineaste since his childhood. In addition to short films, Alex Lazarov produces videos about film and uploads them each week to his eponymous YouTube channel, on which he enthusiastically discusses motion pictures from the perspective of an up-and-coming young filmmaker. He has written, produced, and directed nine shorts to date.

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credits: Alex Lazarov (AT)