Gregor Franz (AT), Lara Rabitsch (AT), Johannes Rass (AT), Julian Schmiederer (AT)

u19 winner: Honorary Mention

schuldICH? is an audio drama – underlined by own acoustic material – which pupils produced as part of the audio lessons at the local wine school in Graz.

When Frau Enzenhofer regains consciousness in the hospital, she cannot recall a thing. Before she even grasps why she’s there, a policeman starts bombarding her with questions. Even though the attending physician tries to explain that the inquiry is senseless, the detective wants to get this woman’s story. The gaps in her recollection gradually close and Frau Enzenhofer begins to comprehend why she is where she is—during a getaway from a jewelry store holdup, she was involved in an accident in which her accomplice lost his life and she her memory.

schuldICH? [en: guiltME?] is an audio drama that our team produced for a course at the Ortweinschule in Graz. We didn’t have to comply with any guidelines or restrictions with respect to the plot, production, or design. We conceived, recorded, and processed the story, the music, and all the acoustic material ourselves.

The schuldICH? team’s aim was to create an audio backdrop that’s as realistic as possible. They conceived and acoustically implemented each individual environment so as to generate a realistic ambient sound. Their interest was focused on the purely auditory realization of a narrative and the question of how to understandably communicate a person’s process of shifting back and forth between reality and memory. The recall scenes were meant to come across as colorful and resounding as the woman’s recollections cascade upon each other, whereas the scenes in her conscious reality were designed to accentuate ordinariness and sterility – for one thing, to recreate the mundane atmosphere of a hospital; for another, to accentuate the contrast to remembrance, and to underscore the cold reality of a police interrogation.

The team consists of four young people, Gregor Franz, Lara Rabitsch, Johannes Rass and Julian Schmiederer, who are interested in the world of new media. They come from various places in Austria but have in common is that they are all enrolled in the HTBLVA Graz – Ortweinschule’s Film and Multimedia Art program.