Julia Nüßlein (DE)

If we see the natural world as a complex system of interrelationships, where do we as humans stand? And how would we like to shape our role in the future?

Even though the future seems unpredictable, we actively influence it by everything we do (or don’t do) in the present – doing nothing is also a choice!

futur.eco combines future scenario thinking with the notion of deep ecology; humans living in accordance with their living environment and respecting it instead of exploiting it. During prior workshops, different possible future projections about this topic were developed and reworked into speculative objects. The objects seem misplaced, fallen out of time, and alien in our world – but go ahead and imagine yourself using one of them.

Where, in which situation, structure or world would you need an object like this? Is this situation, this scenario, one that seems desirable? If yes, how can we get there? If not, how does your ideal future of humans on this planet look?