Through the Far-See-Er

Sam Bunn (GB) with friends, including Gabriella Gordillo (MX), Julia Nüßlein (DE), Leonie Reese (DE), Karin Schmid (AT), Sebastian Six (AT), Gregor Woschitz (AT), Peter Hindle (GB)

A multidisciplinary, performative, multimedia installation taking place in AFO Linz during Ars Electronica 2018. Through the Far-See-Er is an exploration of the far reaches of the sociopolitical imaginary – the eutopic (positive utopia) end of the Science Fiction spectrum.

Our collective future is reimagined in a fun, dynamic way that includes the ideas of the audience and previous workshop participants of the project in a positive, evolving vision of the near-future where the ‘shared’ is pushed to its limit to include the whole earth and the implications of that.

Actors, singing, discussion, coffee. Climbing through the TV, crawling on your knees, edging between walls; making suggestions, having arguments, engaging with constructive critique. Try out your ideas for how the world might work better. Sit and listen to improvised singing experiments. Talk to real people. Eat an eutopic snack in an eutopian cafe.