Holy Hydra

Amanda Augustin (AT), Lorena Höllrigl (AT)

Holy Hydra is a two-day event involving contemporary performances, electronic sound art, interactive light installations and a symposium about “Sacral Space vs. Urban space” in the parish church of Urfahr, next to the “Ars-Electronica-Maindeck.” The major concern is to present different artistic disciplines and approach interested groups in its unique spiritual atmosphere – a sacred space. To offer an experience at this special place for everyone regardless of their religious conviction or their beliefs. The project is intended as an idea for how to extend the use of architecturally and historically valuable structures. Churches fulfill those attributes perfectly and are exemplary for an alternative usage.

THU Sept. 6, 2018, 5 PM Opening | Symposium
Symposium about ”sacred space vs. urban space”:
Univ.-Prof.Dr. Anne Koch, MMMag Hubert Nitsch, Kasper Nowak, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sonja Keller, Moderation: Pastor Martin Obermeir-Siegrist
THU Sept. 6, 2018, starting from 8 PM Performance | Musik | Visuals
Ulrich Rois LIVE / Feathered Coyote Records, Bird People
Johnny Geiger LIVE / Epileptic Media, POSTMAN
Sarka DJ-SET / In Dada Social
theclosing LIVE / wolkenvorhang, FilthyBroke Recordings, Circle Into Square
Inou Ki Endo DJ-SET / Struma + Iodine, Unsafe+Sounds Festival 2018
FRI Sept. 7, 2018, starting from 2 PM Urlaub im Garten
DJ Damn & DJ Soulfinger
FRI Sept. 7, 2018, starting from 8 PM Performance
Simona Alice Štangová & Voland Székely “Safe House”
Alja Ferjan & Barbara Vuzem “Os Sacrum”
FR Sept. 7, 2018, starting from 9 PM Performance | Musik | Visuals
E : K : V LIVE | Experimentelle | klangfokussierte | Versuchsanordnung
Lam q LIVE
Image Recorder DJ-Set / #bumbummitniveau
Björn Büchner & Klaus Reznicek DJ-Set / #bumbummitniveau


Idea & Production:
Amanda Augustin (AUT) & Lorena Höllrigl (AUT)

Production – Team:
Raumteiler Linz (AUT)

Music partly curated by:
Tanja Fuchs (DE/AUT) und Thomas Auer (AUT) // Klangfestival

Visual Concept:
4youreye – ProjectionArt (AUT) & AV-Lightstorm (AUT)

The project is supported by Grüner Anker – Jugendkirche der Diözese Linz, Kunstreferat – Diözese Linz, afo – architekturforum oberösterreich, Posthof Linz, Katholische Privatuniversität Linz, Raum & Design Strategien – Kunstuniversität Linz