Dmitry Morozov / ::vtol:: (RU)

The concept of the project is to transform the television signal into a multicolored thread that wraps around objects installed on a rotating table. The installation picks up a TV signal in real-time mode and scales it down to a single-pixel image. A special program gradually lowers the digital image resolution. Each time the number of pixels is cut by half, until the image becomes a single pixel, the color of which is the one dominating in each specific frame.

The program recognizes and interprets the color, giving the device commands to activate arms. The arms are rigged with ink-ingrained sponges; the ink can be of 5 basic colors: red, yellow, green, blue and black. The sponges press the white thread in the special thread-stretching device and color it. The concept of the project is to ironically transform and reduce the trivial and annoying data stream into a creatively different kind of interpretation. A one-dimensional materialized lo-fi stream covers and mantles familiar objects.

telekniting / Dmitry Morozov / ::vtol:: (RU), Credit:


::vtol:: 2016
Special for Polytech Fest, Moscow, 2016