Noga Sapir (IL)

Reflect is a series of smart knit orbs that combine design and technology to create a unique calming experience. The orbs detect stress and help the user practice relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety. The orbs sense how stressed the user is by measuring the skin conductivity level, a physiological parameter that correlates to stress, and respond with soft, changing LED lights.

Reflect / Noga Sapir (IL), Credit:

The resulting experience aids relaxation through the therapeutic process of biofeedback, in which the user is made aware of his/her physiological parameters. By acknowledging them the user learns to gain control over them and affect his/her health and well-being. The main body of the orbs is knit with hand-dyed Tencel yarn that is made in an environmentally friendly process. LED lights shine in soft pulses, creating a quiet and pleasant experience that enhances the intimate relationship between the user and the orb.