Jun Fujiki (JP), Katsuhiko Tabei (JP), Tomihiro Akagawa (JP)

An etheroid is a device working as a medium to embody the existence of an invisible “something” in space. Each of these etheroids, these objects, will propagate its movement to one of the surrounding etheroids repeatedly. There is no God who orders the etheroids; each of them acts autonomously. From the movement of all of the etheroids together, a “something” that can’t be seen, appears to be jumping from one etheroid to another – thus coming into existence in its invisibility.


etheroid / Jun Fujiki (JP), Katsuhiko Tabei (JP), Tomihiro Akagawa (JP), Credit:


We decided to use an infrared LED that illuminates light invisible within a certain range and a general-purpose communication module called XBee. First, the “current” etheroid uses XBee to transmit information to all of the etheroids and to emit infrared LEDs. Next, the etheroid which received the infrared LED transmits its information back to the current etheroid so it is able to build a list of information for the surrounding etheroids. This information list corresponds to a temporary storage area. The system randomly selects one from the list and sends the information to the chosen etheroid. Since the list is constantly updated, the operation will continue even if an etheroid removed.