Slow Products

Ryo Hashimoto (JP)

Hima” is a Japanese word for “time when there is nothing to do”.

That kind of time is often considered negative and dull. However, most people in today’s society are swamped with tasks, therefore their minds are full of their own duties and there is less time to think about what individuals want to think about. In other words, there is less “hima” in individuals’ minds. “Hima” may seem to be an unproductive time, but if we interpret it in a positive way, “Hima” is a time when people could freely think about what they want to think about, and that is very human.

Slow/Ryo Hashimoto (JP), Credit: RyoHashimoto

I propose a new type of pen, a daily tool in which positive “hima” is embedded. Pens are one of the tools that most people have experience using and are often used in the process of completing daily tasks. This is a proposal for tools that allow you to obtain “hima” and an opportunity where each and everyone’s mind can freely wander in everyday life.


Ryo Hashimoto