Comfort ZONE


The act of praising someone was once delivered through a weighty process like letters, sentences, dialogues… In recent years, social networks have penetrated the lives of people and made this action a daily phenomenon. This is an era when praise for individuals has become visible, not in terms of depth or weight but in terms of numerical values. This has created a lifestyle that could also be called “approval supremacy”; people create experiences to earn praises, rather than acting because they want to experience things.

Comfort ZONE/MiND X (JP), Credit: MiND X

But we may think that this behavior of seeking approval has been something we were waiting for, the act itself possibly might have been the hidden value we had craved.

Given the choice, would you rather obtain satisfaction through the approval of others, or refuse approval and prioritize personal contemplation? It is for us and the people of the future to decide whether this is an error or not. How should we face the evolved modern society and how should we live?