Stage Your City

Theater has absorbed many technologies throughout its history. Yet many practitioners today defend it as the last resort of the analogue and ask the audience to switch their smartphones off. “Stage Your City” attempts the opposite: Everyone is asked to bring their own smartphone, install the app “Zigmagora” and follow its commands into a city of the future. The digital dramaturgy takes the audience in groups through dystopic situations – and several consumer technologies.

The spectators are received by experts from 2052 in an iPad hologram installation. Then groups are guided through the city by the app that bundles navigation, audio tour, and Augmented Reality, magically triggered by Bluetooth. The app also demands interaction: answers to philosophical questions, the upload of selfies and photos and of a favorite song from a streaming service. Back at the starting point, the audience experience a 360° world they have co-created. At the end of the digital journey comes an analogue surprise – and collective, organic storage of memories.



Michel Didym

Klaus Cofalka-Adami, Natuka Kakhidze, Constantin Petry

Marie Dilasser – Lasha Bugadze, Bruno Cohen, Michel Didym, Konstantin Küspert, Frédéric Sonntag

Production & App-Design, Scenography & Media:
Christian Ziegler

Éléonore Daniaud

Wandio, Tbilisi

Artistic Collaboration:
Didier Billon, Jan Gerigk / ZKM, Tobias Lindörfer / Prestigefilm, Bernd Lintermann / ZKM, Sarah Steinfelder

Nutsa Burjanadze, Sarah Stührenberg, Bruno Cohen, Jan Linders

Production Management:
Maren Dey, Sarah Mckee, Teresa Pfaud

Seven European theaters have founded the European Theatre Lab “Drama goes digital” under the umbrella of the European Theatre Convention ETC. In three projects, they want to test whether and how digital technologies can be used artistically on stage. Stage Your City is a project of CDN La Manufacture Nancy, Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre Tbilisi, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe and under the umbrella of the “European Theatre Lab: Drama goes digital” in cooperation with ZKM Karlsruhe – Center for Art and Media.