Old News From New Friends

Bela Usabaev (DE), Dawid Liftinger (AT), Florian Liesenfeld (DE)

Old News From New Friends/Bela Usabaev (DE), Dawid Liftinger (AT), Florian Liesenfeld (DE), Credit: Bruno Manguen

Resoluta / Bela Usabaev

Interactive Installation. Video: In cooperation with Jonathan Omer Mizrahi
A video and an interactive sound installation share the DeepSpace. While the video is decomposing cinematic storytelling the space is divided into acoustically shared rooms. The gaze and the ear are led down different paths for a moment and a room for interaction is created. Spontaneous collective experiences become possible. The experience building process is not guided by any rules, but only by the structure of the installation. However, not everybody shares the same experience, and the amount of collective exchange is decided individually.

7062 Lines / Dawid Liftinger

Audiovisual Installation. Audio: Sebastian Jazura
Time, space, acceleration, experience. An examination of horizontal polychromatic lines as a perception distorting experiment.

metadigma / Florian Liesenfeld

Interactive Installation
How individual is a world that one shares? How do you sensitize yourself to the perspectives of others? Metadigma is an interactive installation for the cooperative consideration of one’s own environment.