Exhibition u19 Malta Projects

For two years now, and in cooperation with the European Capitals of Culture, a particular programme has been offered: Within the framework of the European Capital of Culture, the designated cities respectively present a separate u19 Award, similar to the format of the Prix Ars Electronica’s u19 category. This involvement of children and adolescents is increasingly important in terms of sustainability and urban development.

As preparation for this award, a specially curated CREATE YOUR WORLD TOUR takes place in those cities, becoming the European Capital of Culture the following year. As part of this TOUR, five workshop weeks are organised with artists from the u19 category – CREATE YOUR WORLD. At the end of each week, winners of the Austrian u19 category of the Prix Ars Electronica are usually presented. The TOUR aims at children and adolescents of the respective cities feeling inspired and also encouraged to submit a project.

With this cooperation, those responsible for the European Capitals of Culture acknowledge their educational mandate and Ars Electronica is happy to support them as a consulting partner.

The first exhibition of the winning projects of “u19Malta” (Valletta2018) will be shown this year at the u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival: Musical Weather Station, Astrobot and FreeHour.


Musical Weather Station; credits: Conrad Nicholas


Astrobot; credits: Mia Gauci


FreeHour; credits: Zach Ciappara