CoderDojo: programming for kids

CoderDojo Linz (AT)

Children can program their own computer game at CoderDojo. Scratch is used as the development environment. The complexity of the game can be adapted to the child’s previous knowledge.

CoderDojo: programming for kids / CoderDojo Linz (AT), Credit:

The CoderDojo team provides instructions for games that can be reprogrammed. Children who already have some experience with Scratch, e.g. from school lessons or the CoderDojo, can let their imagination run free and implement their own game ideas.

Errors inevitably occur during game development. In keeping with this year’s motto, the mentors will focus in particular on how errors in software programs appear, how to find them and how to correct them.

credits: Ronald Posch

The CoderDojo Linz is a free programming club for children, which has existed for more than three years now. Children and young people between the ages of 7 and 17 meet regularly to learn the basics of programming in a playful way together with like-minded people and mentors.

credits: Ronald Posch