Global Sounds

picaroon (DE)

Global Sounds is an interactive light and sound installation which consists of a series of seven pyramids made from acrylic glass. Each has its own unique instrument that is representative of a different culture, such as the Djembe and Didgeridoo, to allude to the multicultural richness migrants have brought to Europe.

The pyramids are triggered by passersby. The more people that congregate at the installation, the more exciting the song gets. When all pyramids are working together, they compose a complete harmonic musical piece. Each pyramid has a light bulb inside that functions like an equalizer which creates an immersive performance of sound and light.

picaroon‘s interactive artwork is not a piece of art which is perfectly finished by the artists and immutably exposed to the public. It is a conversation, an ongoing process of perceiving and being perceived. It changes its meaning by being seen, it changes its form by being approached.

picaroon was founded by Rebecca Gischel (Interaction Artist) and Sebastian Walter (3D Designer) in 2012. Depending on the nature of each project, friends from various disciplines join the adventure.

More information on picaroon can be found here. More information on another project by picaroon, entitled Surface X, which is also part of this year’s Festival, can be found here.