Klimt’s Magic Garden

Frederick Baker (AT/GB)

Klimt’s Magic Garden allows the audience not only to enter INTO Klimt’s art work for the Stoclet Frieze, but also to travel OUT the other side into a 21st-century experience. That new space is Klimt’s Magic Garden, the story space that lies behind the two-dimensional surface of Klimt’s design.

Klimt’s three characters the knight, expectation, and fulfillment are given agency and the audience is allowed to explore these themes by making their own journey into the visual world Klimt created. My design philosophy is slow VR, which means allowing the first-time user to have the space and time for a smooth experience.

Klimt’s Magic Garden/Frederick Baker (AT/GB), Credit: Frederick Baker


Direction and conception:
Frederick Baker

3-D Graphic Artist:
Markus Cermak

Sound Designer and Composer:
George Taylor

Video post-production:
Christian Leiss Postproduction GmbH

Sandra Fasolt

World premiere at the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), Vienna.

A Frederick Baker project in cooperation with Christian Leiss GmbH and the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), Vienna

This VR-experience was commissioned by the MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / contemporary art and presented at the MAK for the first time in 2018.