Digiti-light the Human Networks

Gianpaolo Barozzi (Cisco) (IT), Bill Jackson (Cisco) (US), Chuck Shipman (Cisco) (US), Laura Smith (Slanted Theory) (GB), Mark Burkitt (Slanted Theory) (GB), Toshi Hoo (Institute For The Future) (US)

The naked ape is a social animal. We have always been connected to each other through networks of relationships. Digiti-light Human Networks is a collaborative VR environment that immerses people in the digitized map of their organizational network, enabling them to understand and feel how they are connecting and collaborating.

Digital technologies make the creation and application of human networks simpler and faster than ever before, deeply changing the way we live, learn, play and work. Organizations and corporations are transforming from hierarchical structures to networks of networks, requiring new solutions to enable their talent to succeed and thrive. Their HR teams need to deliver delightful and compelling digital solutions to be impactful; moving from H-R to H-Art, recognizing that beauty has always been a key attribute in evaluating data, hypotheses and theories – “Theoretical physicists accept the need for mathematical beauty as an act of faith” [Paul A.M. Dirac].


Cisco: Gianpaolo Barozzi (IT), Bill Jackson (US), Chuck Shipman (US) www.cisco.com

Slanted Theory: Laura Smith (GB), Mark Burkitt (GB) www.slantedtheory.com

Institute For The Future: Toshi Hoo (US) www.iftf.org