The Other in You

Richi Owaki (JP), Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]

The Other in You, developed as a new way to experience dance, has realized a novel dance audience experience. We assembled the cutting-edge Computer Graphics, haptic feedback device which directly express the dance to the body, 16 stereophony channels sound and research on Virtual Reality techniques to realize this work.

How can we relate to others, who are supposed to be distant from us? Do we really know what it is to “see”? The Other in You is an attempt to revive the notion of our body in relation to an object, a notion, which had been forgotten in the act of watching.

The Other in You/Richi Owaki (JP), Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM], Credit: Richi Owaki, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media
The movement of the dancer is captured with a motion capture system. The data is converted into 3DCG to create virtual dancers covered with black skin. Using VR technology, the views of the audience move freely during the performance and the dancers get very close to the audience—an unlikely situation with ordinary dance theater. In addition, screened by 3D sensor cameras, the audience members themselves virtually come to appear in the VR images.