Exhibition u19 Malta Projects: Musical Weather Station

Nicholas Conrad (MT)

This project turns a data stream into a visual and auditory experience, in this case, data from humidity, air pressure and temperature sensors. It involves the use of three random strings of notes being manipulated by the data from these sensors. Temperature changes the pitch of these notes, humidity changes the lengths of the notes and the air pressure affects the synth used. Moreover, three colours are displayed on the LED matrix of the SenseHat, whose intensities change depending on how the notes are played.

Music has made up a large part of Nicholas’ life since he was five years old. He has been studying piano for ten years and violin for eight years, and is also part of the Malta Youth Orchestra. Recently, programming and circuitry have started becoming important to him, and in 2017 he took part in a robotics competition and achieved third place. For the project exhibited at the Ars Electronica, he wanted to put these two fields together.