Exhibition u19 Malta Projects: Astrobot

Mia Gauci (MT), Amy Portelli (MT)

The original idea for the robot came from the mars rover and they designed a sketch for the body but whilst developing the body they found that their original design was not practical so it has been amended to have more stability. Astrobot, is stable enough to transport small goods on rough terrains, such as the surface of the moon. Designed to drive over obstacles up to 9 centimeters and climb up a steep slope of an angle of 45 degrees, the 6-wheel drive robot has a geared motor for every wheel with independent suspensions. It is remote controlled with a range of 3.5 meters and uses skid steer to turn.

Mia Gauci and Amy Portelli are students at St Monica Birkirkara (secondary school). Mia Gauci majors in Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Art and German and has a great interest in technology, robotics, astronomy and all subjects related to science. Amy Portelli majors in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Italian and has a great interest in culture, marine life and technology.

credits: Mia Gauci