Exhibition u19 Malta Projects: FreeHour

Zach Ciappara (MT)

Founded in 2017, FreeHour is a mobile application designed by a student for students. The main premise of FreeHour is that students are able to add friends, share their timetable and find mutual time that they are both available to meet in to hang out, grab a bite or study.

After launching with this idea a soft launch in March 2017, the app quickly gained attraction with over 700 downloads in the first day and showed signs of true potential.

A few months later, funding was obtained after winning a start-up competition and new features where added to the app such as weekly Student Offers, a Student Jobs section, a monthly Stipend Countdown along an Exam Countdown.

FreeHour officially launched in October 2017 during Freshers Week at the main colleges and universities in Malta, and within the first few days, FreeHour quickly grew to 10,000 downloads. As of July 2018, we have now achieved 19,000 downloads and more than 1.5 MILLION app opens, all in just a few months. FreeHour is also loved by thousands of local students, hitting an average of 4.5/5 on the App Store from over 200 ratings.

As of next scholastic year, many ideas are planned to make FreeHour even more exiting to our local student community and also to look outside of the Maltese market.

credits: FreeHour
credits: FreeHour