Anti-Racism Movement (ARM)

Anti-Racism Movement (ARM)

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(…) is a great example of grassroots countering of racist trends and promoting migrant rights in a very difficult context.” (Jury Statement)


In response to a racist incident in Beirut, the Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) was founded in 2010 in Lebanon as a grassroots movement by young feminist activists in collaboration with community activists and domestic employees who had immigrated to that country.

Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) / Anti-Racism Movement (ARM), Credit: tom mesic

ARM set up several Migrant Community Centers (MCCs) as settings for projects and campaigns run in cooperation with migrant workers and especially migrant domestic workers. The MCCs are freely accessible, secure spaces tailored to the needs of its members—places to exchange views and work together, to learn new skills, to build power and find a community. MCCs have served as settings for free language and computer courses, consultations on health matters and legal issues, celebrations, projects promoting cultural exchange and campaigns on labor rights.