Monitor Man

Yassine Khaled (MA/FI)

Interactive Art+


Monitor Man / Yassine Khaled (MA/FI), Credit: tom mesic


Watch out: During Ars Electronica Festival Yassine Khaled will do his “guiding tours” in Linz! More precisely he will act as the physical embodiment of those who are only able to be virtual tourists, bearing them through the city.

The artist wears a helmet-like devise with visor, and via a live stream transmitted onto a screen, the “travelers” can explore the city and speak with passers-by. Reversely, the citizens can learn about the virtual travelers culture through conversation.

With his unusual tours through the cities of the Western world, Monitor Man raises awareness of the realities faced by those who live in different worlds. Through telepresence, an artificial closeness is created between places and people.