Edmund Humenberger

At the Ars Electronica Festival I am responsible for the installation of all WWW Projects which can be "surfed" with normal browsers and the installation of the Internet connectivity. I also give some technical advice to the rest of the Ars Electronica Festival Crew and get the Information from Sabine Dreher onto this WWW pages. No, I am no WWW guru and do not have the intent and time to do a "realy cool page". Maybe later.

PLEASE READ ==> Informations for the artists at Ars Electronica:

You can reach me via email.

If you want to use other technology, use this:

phone: ++43/732/7612-293
fax: ++43/732/7612-350

Where I can be reached physicaly:

Ars Electronica
Donaulände 17
4020 Linz

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