Information for the artists about data-network-infra-structure

Information for all artists

NEW 4.MAY: the Server for all WWW Projects to install the projects locally is up. Please get your account from ed.

Get in contact with Sabine Dreher if you want changes to your page to this server.

Information for artists which will present a project that will need Internet access.

We will have in total two 128 kBit links to the local University, and 255 IP numbers. You should be shure that I have your reservation of IP numbers. Your hardware should be flexible what cable technology you can use (thick, thin, twisted). Please let me know if you are restricted in some way.

Information for artists which will present a WWW project which will be accesses by the browser Netscape 1.0.

In the Brucknerhaus there will be one big HP server with 30 Xterms (with 1200*1000 265 colours and soundsystem) where a CERN HTTP Server as a proxy Server will be serving all WWW projects and accessing them with Netscape 1.0. You should get your installation (your scripts) ready to be installed on this machine (HP/UX 10.0). Please let me know as early as possible when your are restricted to one http server.

The HP machine is on the net, so you are able to install your pages yourself. For that you get an account.

You don't have to install your pages on this machine. You can also access your pages in the United Stated or Germany from the Brucknerhaus, but the connection to these countries will be very,very slow. Expect to wait as long as 30 seconds for a 5 kByte picture. Notice: Not the local link of 256 kBit is the bottle neck, it's the Trans-Atlantic-Link and the absolutely overloaded 2 Mbit Backbone in Germany.
There are projects that need the bandwith. Not installing your WWW pages in the Brucknerhaus would be from my point of view egoistic.

Information for artist's that will need only Internet-Connection

Just be shure that I have your reservation for IP numbers and estimation of needed IP bandwith.

I have the following reservations:

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