Net Projects

20-23 June in the Brucknerhaus

Ars Electronica 95 for the first time offers visitors a comprehensive and intensive practical approach to electronic networks. The Ars 95 is the first festival worldwide, which is entirely dedicaded to the new communication technology of digital data networks. Scientific and artistic projects offer an overview of the fururistic horizont of international data networks. In a wired cafe, created by Eichinger or Knechtl in the form of a 3D-real time simulation, visitors are accompanied by expert data-sherpas to climb up and down the new and unfamiliar hights and shadows of a wired world. They will be able to participate in the creation and changes of virtual objects and data sculptures from individual workstations. Acoustic and visual sensations beyond what could be perceived by our natural senses are experienced in a playful way.
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Responsible for the content: Sabine Dreher
Realisation: Ed Humenberger

last changed 21.April 95