Content of the Festival

The postmodern society is based on information. No more the dynamics of mechanic machines but the exchange of data in the network of information machines supports the social operating system. Every day billions of humans communicate billions of massages via a global network which is constituted of telephone, fax, picture phone, mobile telephone, GPS (Global Positioning System), public access terminals, radio, pagers, TV, ISDN data communication, cable nets, cable TV, mailbox, e-mail, global computer networks like Internet etc. We don’t live anymore only in streets and houses, but also in cable channels and telegraph wires, in fax machines and global digital networks. Onair and online universes are forming new shadow domains of cities and countries without traditional borders. What will the hitch-hikers and hi-jackers of the information super highways and digital expressways be? What will chating in the Net, data surfing, hitch-hiking on communication highways cost? Who will become net citizen and who net police? What does this new universal jacking into networks mean? Ars Electronica 95 will ask critical questions to dogmas and myths of postmodern information society.

Peter Weibel

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Responsible for the content: Sabine Dreher
Realisation: Ed Humenberger

last changed 16.March 95