The Symposium of Ars Electronica Festival 95

20. June 10-13 and 14.30-18 in Brucknerhaus Stiftersaal

Opener: Dr. Franz Vranitzky (Chancelor of Austria) (still not fixed)

Lecturers: Friedrich Kittler (BRD), Les Levidow (GB), Piere Levy (F), Tor Norretranders (DK), Frank Ogden (USA), Lucien Sfez (F), Florian Rötzer (BRD), McKenzie Wark (AUS), Slavo Zizek (SL), u.a.

Moderation: Helga Nowotny (A)

Postmodern society is composed of very comlex, dynamic, social systems where the idea of informations plays a vital role. The exchange of data via networks of information machines supports social software in business as well as in our free time, in medicine as well as in tourism. Information theory has developed into a pilot science. Mass-media distribution of information can, however, also become part of opressing and optimizing strategies of power. Data critical questions about the dogmas and myths of postmodern informtion society.

21. June 10-13 and 14.30-18 in Brucknerhaus Stifersaal

Lecturers: J.P Barlow (USA), Tim Berners-Lee (USA), Amy Bruckman (USA), Critical Art Ensemble, (USA), Tim Druckrey (USA), Fred Forest (F), Gert Lovink (NL), Saskia Sassen (USA), Richard Satava (USA), Reuters (A), Nick West (USA), u.a.

Moderation: Peter Weibel

Discourse about cyber culture is expanding into data highways. No longer do we live in streets and houses alone, but also in cabel channels, telegraph wires, e-mail boxes, and global digital net-worlds. How will the net-inhabitants live in this wired world? What will information and communication in these net-worlds cost? Who will be the hitch-hikers and hi-jackers of the information super highways? Surfing in digital data net-worlds will facilitate new forms of social interaction, from the telematic occupation of the body to the individual disclosure of data secrets. Ars Electronica 95 allows critical and enthusiastic experts to describe this new wired net world.
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