Shanghai eARTS Festival 2007 - Ars Electronica Exhibition

In the Indo-European family of languages the words for magic and for machine have a common etymological ancestor: “magh-“ which meant “to be able, have power” which is also the base for might. It is an intriguing idea, to think of artists as the magicians of the machines, the ones who are able to master the machines and have power over them. An idea that also refers to a role of artists that goes beyond the mere creation of beautiful expressions. A role that puts artists right in the middle of the current social and cultural challenges which have been brought up by the rapid and massive invasion of digital technologies in our daily live.
Digital artists are creators as well as engineers of experiences; by employing the new means of digital technologies, they give us a look behind the backdrop of our modern information society, they provide new and alternative ideas that are not only based on the rational and economical approach of technology but on the demands and desires of humans.